W2 Edit Report & Employee Info Review

Ensuring employee information is accurate on their W-2s is a top priority for year-end payroll processing to save time and costs on corrections. To help, we include a W-2 Edit Report with the reports from your last payroll in November so you can review the names and addresses of all employees who were paid in the calendar year. Please let us know if you need us to resend this report to you.

You may mark the W-2 Edit Report with changes and securely submit a scan to us via ShareFile. Alternatively, you can submit employee updates via our secure New Hire/Update Form. Or, if you have HUB set up for your employees, remind them that they can submit name, address and W-4 withholding update requests via their HUB Employee Portal.

In addition to reviewing the W-2 Edit Report, we recommend reaching out to all employees – current and former -- to review their last pay stub to confirm the spelling of their name and mailing address.

NOTE on Employee Name Changes: Before updating an employee's name for their W-2, view a copy of their Social Security card to confirm the name change and/or spelling. Also, be sure to review our Employee Name Change Checklist for guidance on what to do when an employee has a name change.

Example of W2 Edit Report