W2 Edit Report & Employee Info Review

Ensuring employee information is accurate on their W-2s will save time and costs on corrections. Fortunately the W-2 Edit/Verification Report provides a quick reference to help review the names, addresses and SSNs of all employees who were paid in the calendar year. 

In addition to reviewing the W-2 Edit Report, we recommend reaching out to all employees – current and former -- to review their last pay stub to confirm the spelling of their name and mailing address.

How to Find Your W-2 Edit/Verification Report 

  • isolved: The “Employee W2 Verification Report” is available via Client Reports > Employee W2 Verification > Generate Report > Go to My Reports Queue.

How to Submit Employee W-2 Updates

You may simply mark the W-2 Edit Report with changes and securely submit a scan to us via ShareFile. Alternatively, you can submit employee updates via our secure New Hire/Update Form. Finally, your employees may also submit name, address and W-4 withholding update requests via their HUB or isolved Employee Self-Service Portals.

Important Note for Employee Name Changes

Before updating an employee's name for their W-2, view a copy of their Social Security card to confirm the name change and/or spelling. Also, be sure to review our Employee Name Change Checklist for guidance on what to do when an employee has a name change.