HUB Terminated Employee Access

Changing an employee's status to Terminated inside of HUB reduces an employee's access level, but does not fully restrict their access.  Employees will still have access to their prior pay stubs and future W2's once loaded. This should help reduce the extra calls you field for lost or never received W2's.  

Still, it is important to monitor your employee list and change former employee's status to "terminated". It can reduce auto-holiday time clock errors, help de-clutter your employee list, and save you money if you use the time clock or PTO functions of HUB. 

What happens when I terminate an employee in HUB? When an employee is terminated in HUB, their access is automatically downgraded to a basic view.  You shouldn't need to un-check a clock setting or take other steps beyond the terminate button. HUB will limit their ability to access any company documents, employee documents tabs, time sheet history or account change features for W4's, direct deposits or addresses.  The only thing they will have access to is their pay stubs & the history tab for prior pay stubs and W2's going back further if necessary.

View of a Terminated Employee: