Employee W-2 FAQs - Lost or Missing W-2

Each January, W-2s are distributed for wages paid in the prior year. Our aim is to have them processed around Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day; the deadline to postmark W-2 copies to recipients is Jan. 31. Unless your employer requested otherwise, your W-2 will be mailed to your address on file (the one listed on your pay stubs).

Please Note: Address changes completed after Dec. 31 may not be reflected on the your W-2. Undelivered W-2 copies will be returned to your employer's mailing address.

When and where can I get a copy of my W-2?

If your employer uses the HUB Employee Portal, current and former employees will be able to access their W-2s via their HUB account in late January. We upload W-2 copies to the portal after our tax department certifies them. You will receive an email notification once they have posted. Note: Not all employers utilize the HUB Employee Portal. If you have not accessed the portal previously, you will need to to request access from your employer.

What should I do if I lost my W-2 or did not receive one?

If you have not received your W-2 or cannot find it, contact your employer to inquire if and when it was mailed, and where it was sent. If it was mailed, it may have been returned to the employer because of an incorrect or incomplete address. After contacting your employer, allow a reasonable amount of time for them to resend or to issue the W-2.

If you lost your W-2, contact your manager to request a replacement copy. For security reasons, we cannot provide additional W-2 copies without working directly with an authorized contact at your organization. Thank you for understanding that we must receive direct approval from your employer before we can process any W-2 replacement requests.

Do I need the original W-2 to file my tax return?

No, a reprinted W-2 will work just fine for your tax return. In most cases, your employer will be able to print an additional copy directly from their files. If they have trouble or are too busy, they also can contact us and we will be able to release another copy. Either way, don't forget to give your employer your mailing address, email address and phone number again just in case it has changed or doesn't match the one on file.

What if I started work in December? Will I still receive a W-2?

It depends on when you were paid for hours worked in December. Confusion often arises when an employee started working for a new employer in December, but wasn't actually paid (date of check) until after the new year. It might seem strange, but W-2 earnings are based on when they were paid not earned. You may want to confirm the date listed on your first paycheck before scrambling to find that missing W-2.

What should I do if I need my W-2 and I can't locate my former employer or they're out of business?

If you didn't receive your W-2 and your employer can no longer be reached, the IRS recommends these steps:

  1. Contact the IRS: If you do not receive your W-2 by February 27, contact the IRS for assistance at 800-829-1040. When you call, you must provide your name, address, city and state, including ZIP code, Social Security number, phone number, and have the following information:
    • Employer’s name, address, city and state, including ZIP code and phone number
    • Dates of employment
    • An estimate of the wages you earned, the federal income tax withheld, and when you worked for that employer. The estimate should be based on year-to-date information from your final pay stub or leave-and-earnings statement, if possible. 
  2. File your return: You still must file your tax return or request an extension to file even if you do not receive your W-2. If you have not received your W-2 by the due date, and have completed steps 1 and 2, you may use Form 4852, Substitute for Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement. Attach Form 4852 to the return, estimating income and withholding taxes as accurately as possible. There may be a delay in any refund due while the information is verified. 
  3. File a Form 1040X: On occasion, you may receive your missing W-2 after you filed your return using Form 4852, and the information may be different from what you reported on your return. If this happens, you must amend your return by filing a Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.

Disclaimer: This information is provided as a self-help tool and does not constitute legal or financial advice. Laws, regulations and lending products are changing daily and decisions as to whether or how to use this information and/or what actions to take are solely those of the employer. The providers of this information disclaim any and all responsibility and liability for its accuracy, completeness or fitness for your particular business purposes.