Annual Transmittal of State W2 Forms (DR 1093)

The DR 1093 is a Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) form that summarizes the Colorado income tax withheld from all employees in a calendar year. CDOR uses the data to reconcile against the payments received from employers each calendar year. In addition, employers are required to transmit copies of W2s to the agency along with Form DR 1093.

Form DR 1093 and W2 copies are due to CDOR before the last day of January for prior year's wage withholding.

A blank Form DR 1093 is mailed to Colorado employers at the end of each year as a reminder to file. ASAP does not need a copy of this DR 1093 form as we transmit it and required W2 data electronically to the agency as part of our payroll services.  If you are not an ASAP payroll client and are attempting to file this form with the agency directly or have other questions, visit the CDOR website for more details.