Setting Up Direct Deposit

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If an employee didn't set up direct deposit during the  new hire onboarding process, they can add direct deposit later by either:

Paper Form

Completing this direct deposit authorization form and providing it to their managers. An authorized payroll admin for the employer must approve the item & share the information with ASAP via fax, secure upload, or using this secure submittal.

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HUB Employee HR Portal

If the employee has access to their HUB account, they can Add/update their Direct Deposit by... 

- clicking the icon in the top right with their initials

- click Update your direct deposit accounts

- if they've never e-signed a document in HUB, they will be asked to confirm their e-signature & agree to electronic signature terms.

- input their direct deposit banking details. Please reference an actual check when confirming routing numbers.  Many banks have different routing numbers for deposit slips which can delay or reject a deposit.

- Review one last time & confirm entry

Important Notes: 
- A HUB Admin will be notified via email to approve the direct deposit set up before the data will become active. 
- Please allow 1-2 business days after approval before expecting the change to take effect. This will allow room for any changes/additions which happen to be submitted the same day of an active payroll being scheduled for processing.
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