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The Settings/Features view allow an ADMIN to adjust an employee's, pay stub delivery preference, time entry settings, and Net Pay PUSH Subscription.

Pay Stub Delivery Preference

Pay Stub delivery email notifications may be turned off/on:

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Time Entry Settings

- uncheck if the employee should have no access to clock or PTO requests

- Digital Timesheet allows an employee to free enter times/hours vs. requiring them to clock in/out. If an employee only uses PTO tracking; select PTO Only input method for reduced cost.

- If an employee is working in a state whose OT rules defer from your company's default state's rules; adjust here:

- to have HUB auto-populate your company's paid time off holiday's onto an employee's time cards; activate here:

- to enable one of your company's predefined auto break policies select here:

- Don't forget to Save your changes:

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Net Pay PUSH Subscription

Net Pay push subscriptions are Email or Text/SMS alerts notifying employees of their Net Pay amounts on pay days.

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