HUB HR - Alerts

Alerts can be set up on any date field stored in the software; no matter if they are primary fields like hire date, birth date or custom fields set up unique to your business.  Alerts trigger reminder emails to be sent to an admin, all employees, selected employees, or to the employee which has a date triggering event.  Each alert email is custom to however you wish to draft it and set it. The alerts can be sent x# of day prior to a date, x# of days after a date, or on a specific date.  

Examples may include:
- reminder 15/30/45/60 days after hire date sent to admin to verify employee's benefits eligibility
- reminder 3, 6, or 9 months from hire date for first review date
- reminder based on custom field (Last Review Date/Next Review Date) to begin workflow
- reminders sent to admin or managers for employee birthdays or work anniversaries.
- thank you emails automatically sent to employees on birthdays or work anniversaries.

Here is an example of a work anniversary email alert:

Here is an example of a birth day email alert:

To set up a new alert go to HR >> Alerts, then click the + icon on the top right

Give the Alert a name, select the date to be used a trigger, determine if it is onetime or annually and other parameters:

Draft a subject line & message to be sent out, determine who should receive the message and add a tag: