W2 FAQs for ASAP Payroll Clients

When will W2s be ready?

We start processing W2s the first week in January with a goal to distribute them by the third week of the month. Electronic W2 copies will be available via the ShareFile Client Portal by the end of January for you to download for your permanent records, as well as for reprinting and mail forwarding. 

How are W2 copies provided to employees?

Employee copies are mailed directly to their address on file or delivered according to your selection on the W2 Delivery Preference Form. In addition, electronic W2 copies are available to workers who use the HUB Employee Portal for pay stub delivery. 

What do I do if an employee did not receive or misplaced their W2?

You can reprint W2s directly from the copies in your ShareFile Client Portal. Recipients, including former employees, also have direct access to their W2s if they use the HUB Employee Portal.

What do I do if a W2 is returned to me?

Undeliverable W2s will be returned to your organization's address on file. As a courtesy, resend the W2 to the correct address or retain it for the employee to pick up (our W2 processing costs include one-time mailing).

Where can I find copies of W2, W3, and other payroll reports filed by ASAP?

The ShareFile Client Portal has copies of W2s, W3s, as well as other Federal and State payroll tax reports that ASAP files on your behalf (e.g., IRS 940 & 941; CO UITR, DR 1093 & 1094). Year-end reports are available in the Client Portal by the end of January.

What do I do if there's an error on a W2?

If an employee has a name or SSN error on their W2, please let us know so we can correct and issue a W2c to the employee. Other types of errors are rare, but please let us know if something arises. 

What if my employees have additional questions about their W2s?

We have an extensive W2 FAQ for employees that you can share with them. In addition, we have addressed a few common employee questions such as why their W2 wages may be less than their annual salary, why the HSA box 12W is more than anticipated, or why TurboTax may instruct a restaurant employee that they need a new W2.

Do you issue 1099s to independent contractors paid via payroll?

We're happy to process your 1099s, however, we require your authorization each year to provide this service. For your convenience, we upload a report of 1099 payments to your ShareFile Client Portal for your review in early January. If you want us to process your 1099s, please complete our 1099 application to authorize this service.