Turbo Tax says I need a corrected W2

Before you get egg on your face or get too excited about having had too much social security tax taken out; please check to make sure you have input your box 7 social security tips from your W2 properly into TurboTax or other software.  Every year we field countless requests that in the end which stem from a failure to input ALL of the boxes on the form W2 -- mainly social security tips from box 7.

Tips are reported with other wages & income in box 1 for Federal income wages & tips, box 5 Medicare wages & tips, & box 16 state wages & tips.  However, for social security these are broken out into two distinct boxes.  It stems from some other reporting requirements related to tips, but it always trips the best of us up.  

If you still have questions about your W2, please contact your employer.  Unfortunately due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the information; ASAP cannot release or discuss payroll matters with anyone that is not an authorized employer contact.

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