How to Access W-2 Copies in the ShareFile Client Portal

Typically, W-2 copies will be available in your ShareFile Client Portal by the end of January. These copies are provided in addition to the printed W-2 forms mailed out to each of your employees or delivered according to your preference. No action is required unless an employee reaches out to you requesting a reprint of their W-2.

You'll receive a ShareFile activity notification similar to this one indicating that W-2 copies have been uploaded:

To reprint a single W-2 copy for an employee, click the download button once the file is viewable. The file will download directly to your computer. The W-2s are saved alphabetically by last name, so click through the pages until you find the specific page you want to print. 

For security reasons, do not email W-2s to your employees directly as attachments. If your employee is not able to pick up a copy from you, we recommend mailing the copy to their updated address. If you encounter restrictions, let us know and we can help securely send the file to them. We also advise that you only provide copies of W-2s directly to the employee, not to their spouse or parents.