Log in to Right Networks

This article explains how to log in to the Right Networks server after you have gone through the Setup Wizard.

If you have NOT gone through the Right Networks Setup Wizard, please start here: Creating your Right Networks Account and Setup Wizard

1) Double Click on the Right Networks.rdp shortcut/icon, on your computer desktop, that was created for you in the Setup Wizard.

2) The first time connecting, you will get a warning message like the one below. You can click the check-box so the warning does not appear again. Click 'Connect.'

Note: If you have elected NOT to save your credentials or username, you may be asked for one or both. Click 'OK' once you've supplied your username/email address and password.

3) You'll see a brief message about our terms & conditions. Click 'OK' to continue to the Right Networks hosted desktop.

4) Once you log in, you will be brought to the Right Networks hosted desktop where your QuickBooks is stored. It will look similar to this:

5) You are now ready to open QuickBooks on the Right Networks hosted desktop.

Registering/Activating QuickBooks on Right Networks