Creating your Right Networks Account and Setup Wizard

Here is how to create your Right Networks account and go through the Setup Wizard.

1) You will receive a welcome email from: Subj: Welcome to Right Networks!

Click the Activate your Account button in the email.

2) Your Right Networks User Name is your email address. Create your own unique password.

3) From the My Account page, click Download Setup Wizard on the left side of the page.

Need to install the connection on another computer? To go directly to the My Account page for the Setup Wizard, click here:

 4) Select the button for your computer platform (Windows or Mac).

5) Open/Run the file that was just downloaded. Most likely in your Downloads folder (PC).

6) Click the button for Just set up your computer.

7) Enter your newly created Right Networks credentials and click Sign In.

8) At the next screen, you will be advised that the software required to enable printing and scanning to/from your local computer to Right Networks is being installed. There is nothing you have to do during this phase, but the accompanying video explaining about how printing and scanning works on Right Networks is available to help you understand why this step is important.

9) The next screen will describe the upcoming step, where the Setup Wizard is creating a desktop shortcut that you will use to log in to Right Networks.  

Note: There is an option at the bottom of the screen where you can also elect to have a shortcut added to your desktop that takes you directly to the Right Networks “My Account” website where you can access your account details such as billing, users, and available apps.  If there is a check in the box, the shortcut will be added to your computer’s desktop.  The My Account shortcut is NOT required and you don't need to add it your computer desktop. 
Un-check the Add My Account Shortcut box and click Next.

10) The next screen should indicate that the process is complete.  From here, you can click ' Finish' to complete the Setup process – you are now ready to log in at any time.  Before doing so, you may wish to view the video on the last page for some pointers on the best ways to log on and log off of Right Networks, plus some tips about navigating in the Right Networks environment.

11) You are now ready to access the Right Networks environment with the newly created Right Networks shortcut on your computer desktop.

Log in to Right Networks