HUB - Password Reset Messages

When you use the "Forgot your access code/password?" option in HUB Employee Portalyou will receive one of these messages across the top of the page:

1. "An email was sent to your company payroll administrator. You were cc'd on this email."- if this message is received; your administrator will have to log in to reset the code for you.

2. "A new access code is on it's way." - if this message is received; your cell phone number on file will receive a SMS txt message with the new temp access code. The steps will mirror those shown in this help article.

3. "Unable to send a new access code.  Please verify your entered email address." - if this message is received; you should try a different email address as the one entered is not linked to your account.

4. "Unable to send a new access code. Please contact support for immediate assistance." - if this message is received; you have two or more accounts linked to the same email address either under the same employer or multiple employers we service.  Unfortunately in these cases, either your employer or ASAP will need to get involved to help reset your access code.

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