HUB - Why Cell Phones?

Why does HUB need my cell phone? While email is the baseline for access, HUB is designed to communicate with your employees however they prefer, even by text message.

1st: If an employee or admin forgets their password, they can reset their accounts directly if they have a cell phone on file. HUB will send an SMS text message to the cell phone on file with a temporary access code. Without the cell phone stored in HUB, employees will receive one of three other messages when using the Forgot Password feature.

2nd: Employees may wish to receive push notifications for net pay. Much like the employer alerts, employee's net pay amounts can be sent to them on each payday via tex. For now, admins control these settings for PUSH alerts on each employee's Settings/Features link all the way at the bottom.

3rd: Another hidden feature of HUB are PUSH Codes that allow employees to communicate with HUB via SMS text directly. Reply or send a text message to the HUB phone number and it will reply automatically.

Employee PUSH Codes:
PAY – This will resend the most recent net pay PUSH message to the employee
CLOCK – This will clock an employee in or out

Administrator PUSH Codes:
CASH –Texting this code will resend the most recent cash requirement PUSH message to the administrator.
REM – This will resend the most recent payroll input reminder PUSH message to the administrator.

Any variation will cause a PUSH ERROR and not process.

If a recipient is set up under more than one company, they can text the PUSH code followed by the company code in order to make the request against that specific company.  For example, texting the message “CASH ABCD” would request a resend of the most recent cash requirement PUSH message for company code ABCD.

Actions like clocking in/out or questions like what is my PTO balance can be delivered by HUB once properly configured.