Your Quarterly Report of Wages Paid And Premiums Owed UITR-1

Did you receive a "red copy" or blank Colorado Unemployment quarterly form in the mail?  This will arrive in the mail at the end of the months of March, June, September and December.  It is used to report your employee wages which are subject to Colorado Unemployment Insurance taxes.

ASAP Accounting & Payroll, Inc. files this tax return for all payroll service customers each quarter.  If you have any questions about the form, please let us know.  However, please do not complete this form or have your bookkeeper or CPA file it with the state as it may conflict with the wages and filings we are submitting on your behalf.

Here is what is important to review on this form:

Address: Is your company name & address still accurate?  If not, you can update your address/name on file with the Department of Labor.

Credit/Debit Amounts: Is there a credit or amount due in box 14?  If so, please send to ASAP via fax 970-728-6848, email or upload here.  We will contact the state/review and get back to you with further details.  note: UI credits/debits can happen for various reasons; in addition the only way to get an overpayment or credit back from the state is to offset a future UI payment.  If you have a credit, ASAP can apply it against your next liability payment and return the money to you.

New Employers: If you are a new employer or this is a new entity, please send us a copy the state red copy they mailed.  Often it can take a few weeks to establish a UI Account number and having a copy of the red form might be helpful in this situation.  Occasionally new employers rates have been adjusted by the state after additional information arises (for instance successor entities).  Thus new employers, please fax/email or upload a copy to us.  We do not need the original hard copies or even all the pages; just a clear photo of page 1 of the red copy will do just fine.

How do we complete this form?  ASAP completes the forms as a bulk filer and transmits the wage data securely via Colorado FTP procedures.  If you want to complete it on your own and you are not a client of ASAP, I would suggest registering for MyUIEmployer.

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