Colorado Filing Change Notice for Payroll Tax Withholding

Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) Filing Change Notices are mailed to employers in November if they will have a new deposit frequency for employee income tax withholding in the upcoming year.

ASAP Payroll Clients: If you receive a CDOR Filing Change Notice, please send us a copy so we can confirm your account's settings in the new year. 

CO Withholding Deposit Schedules

  • Quarterly CO withholding taxes are typically due before the last day of the month preceding a quarter-end (Jan / April / July / Oct)
  • Monthly CO withholding taxes are due on the 15th following the month's end
  • Weekly CO withholding taxes are due on or before the third business day following the week's end in which income taxes were withheld from an employee's check. Weekly deposits must be made via EFT.

CDOR Filing Change Notice Example

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