Client Portal - Sharefile Desktop Widget for Mac

ShareFile Desktop for Mac ( for Windows users) provides users quick access to all of their files and folders stored inside ASAP's Client Portal directly from a short-cut on their desktop.

Note: Users will still be able to access the files using the traditional internet browser of their choice via

1)  To install ShareFile DesktopLog In to your Client Portal/ShareFile account

2)  Click Apps across the top navigation bar

3)  Click the Download button for the Desktop Widget


5)  Adobe AIR is required for the Widget to work on your Mac. If prompted, Click Yes to install Adobe AIR

6) Click Continue

7)  Optional Tutorial

8) After viewing or not viewing the tutorial; sign in using your account credentials - CPA's & other power users: If your email is associated with more than one ShareFile account, you will be prompted to select the account you wish to link from a list.

9)  Click on Folders to expand the view

10)  You should now see all the folders that you have been granted access.

11) Optionally, click and drag the application from your Applications folder to your dock