Client Portal - MySettings

The MySettings Tab within the Client Portal provides users with various options to adjust the settings to their preferences.

Notifications: confused or tired of all the emails; you can adjust the notification settings directly.  Oddly, it doesn't allow you to unsubscribe from the notifications.  If you prefer to have the notifications turned off, just send your payroll account manager an email and we can manually remove the setting all together for you.

Edit Basic Info: allows you to correct your name or company name we may have misspelled or typo'd

Add/Edit Email Addresses: are you changing emails or prefer another; go here to add an alternative to your account.  This will help you if you can't remember which email address you have linked to the account.

Change Password: pretty straight forward

Two-Step Verification: wish to add an extra layer of protection -- go here to enable (2FA) Two-Factor Authentication