ASAP Payroll Pickup and Delivery Options

We want to ensure you're prepared to receive paychecks in the event of an emergency office closure. Please reach out to your account manager for more information about setting up the following payroll pickup and delivery options.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit (DD) is the most efficient way to pay employees. Employees enrolled in DD can receive pay stubs securely via email from our HUB Employee Portal. Bonus points for eliminating paper altogether! Please Note: DD payrolls require at least 2 business days to process. Learn more about setting up direct deposit >>

In-House Paycheck Printing

Did you know that you can print paychecks at your office? With remote printing, we can set you up with access to our payroll processing software and provide you with check stock and training so you can print checks directly  -- no parking meter change required!  Please contact your account manager to learn more about setting up remote printing.

Delivery via Mail or FedEx

We can mail your entire payroll packet via USPS at no cost to you. For a nominal fee, we can also mail checks or stubs directly to an employee. And if you need overnight delivery to a secondary location, we can provide expedited shipping via FedEx for an additional fee.

Other Options & Tools

HUB Employee Pay Stub Portal

Included with your payroll services, HUB allows easy employee access to pay stubs, W-2s, and more! Learn more about HUB >>

Online Employee Forms (New Hire & Update)

Visit to access and securely submit employee forms online, such as W-4 withholding and direct deposit information, address updates, and more.

REMEMBER: Do not send sensitive information, such as social security and account numbers, via email or FAX. Please securely upload this information to us using ShareFile.