ASAP Review File for 1099 Payments Issued Via Payroll

If you processed 1099 payments via your ASAP payroll services, we will generate a 1099 Payroll Review File in January so you can determine which require a Form 1099. Unless you authorize ASAP to provide 1099 services, you or your accountant/bookkeeper will need to process and file 1099 forms with the IRS and provide copies to payees.

Note: Due to the 1099-NEC form released in 2020 for reporting nonemployee compensation (which was previously reported in box 7 of 1099-MISC), we have generated a spreadsheet that lists payee information for you to review and provide to whomever is processing your 1099 forms. Previously, we uploaded 1099-MISC "preview files" for review instead of a spreadsheet.

NOTE: This 1099 Payroll Review File is NOT a confirmation of 1099 forms filed with the IRS; ASAP does not automatically process these 1099s as a part of your payroll processing services. If you would like ASAP to process and file your 1099s, please submit a 1099 Processing Services Application to authorize this additional service; we will not process 1099s until we receive the completed application.

How to Access & Review Your 1099 Preview File

In January, your organization's primary payroll contact will receive an email notification when the 1099 Payroll Review File is available to download from your ShareFile Client Portal. Remember, this report is for reference only to review 1099 payments made via our payroll services and NOT a list of official 1099 forms filed with the IRS. You will have to review the vendors that have been paid and determine which require a Form 1099.

Review the following items on your 1099 Payroll Review File for accuracy and let your account manager know of any corrections. Please report corrections for payees who received nonemployee compensation by January 22 in order for updates to be implemented in time for the 1099-NEC firm filing deadline of January 31st.

  1. Check vendor names, tax ID numbers (EIN / TIN / SSN), and addresses for any changes. 
  2. Review payer (your organization) details to ensure no changes are required.  
  3. Compare the 1099 totals against your accounting records to ensure no additional payment amounts should be added when preparing for 1099 processing. (Example: Payments issued directly to the same vendor/individuals rather than via payroll processing.)
  4. Determine if you (or your bookkeeper) will be processing and filing your 1099 forms OR if you would like ASAP to process ALL of your 1099s (we cannot process and file 1099 forms independently). To authorize ASAP to process and file your 1099 forms, please submit a 1099 Processing Services Application.
    1. NOTE: You will need to copy and paste payee information from the review spreadsheet into the relevant cells on the appropriate 1099 E-Sheet(s) that you complete and submit to ASAP for 1099 processing.