ASAP 1099 Processing Services FAQs

If you would like ASAP to process your 1099 Forms, please complete our 1099 processing services application to get started (even if we've previously processed your 1099s). Our aim is to be a resource for all small businesses, and you do not need to be a current ASAP Accounting & Payroll client to use our 1099 processing services. We're here to help tackle those pesky 1099s so you can focus on your business and take back your weekends.

The following FAQs pertain to ASAP's 1099 processing workflow:

What are ASAP's fees and deadlines for 1099 processing services?

Please refer to ASAP's 1099 Processing page for up-to-date pricing and a comprehensive overview of processing services.

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Do I fill out an individual eSheet per entity or can they all go on same one?

All 1099 recipients should be on the same eSheet that corresponds to the 1099 Form to be filed. One row on the eSheet represents an individual 1099 Form. 

  >> View 1099 eSheet Example (Excel file)

Please note that there are specific 1099 eSheet Templates for each type of 1099 Form. For example, if you paid $600 or more to an independent contractor, you will add their info to the 1099-NEC eSheet Template for reporting non-employee compensation. If you also paid $600 or more in rents directly to the property owner, you will use a separate 1099-MISC eSheet template to submit their processing details.

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Can I post both W-2s and 1099s on the same eSheet?

No. The 1099-NEC eSheet is specifically for independent contractors who are NOT employees. Employees will receive their W-2 as a part of your W-2 processing service, which is separate from 1099 processing. (If ASAP provides payroll processing for your organization, W-2s are automatically filed as a part of your services.) If you are not an ASAP payroll client, you should consult with your payroll processor. 

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What if I am missing Tax ID Numbers (TINs)?

You should try to obtain all accurate information for the Payee, including accurate TAX ID #s. You are required to report, even if you are missing this information. If all efforts have been exhausted in retaining a Form W-9 or information required for 1099 processing, you should still file a 1099 for these recipients. If you are using ASAP to process your 1099s, ASAP will process based on information provided (even if that information is inaccurate or missing). However, keep in mind that missing or incorrect information can result in penalties.  You -- as the taxpayer and payer -- are the ultimate party responsible for your meeting filing and reporting requirements. Our services do not eliminate your liability and ASAP is not responsible for penalties that are incurred because of missing or incorrect information. Best practice to avoid this from occurring is to avoid issuing payments until you have a Form W-9 on file and confirm their eligibility to receive a 1099. 

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Does ASAP release digital copies of 1099s to recipients?

Digital copies will be emailed to recipients if you include their email address on the eSheet. We also provide PDF copies to you as the payer, which you can print for recipients as requested. For your security, ASAP does not correspond directly with 1099 recipients.

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Where can I find copies of 1099s ASAP has processed?

Once ASAP has processed your 1099s, you will receive an email to log into ASAP's ShareFile portal where you can access your 1099 files. ShareFile is a secure, online platform used to send/receive files; you should download files from ShareFile for your permanent recordkeeping and storage.

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Will ASAP require copies of W-9 Forms?

We do not require W-9 copies; those forms are for your recordkeeping. Once you have entered the W-9 information into the 1099 eSheet, and in your accounting software, you can then store the W-9 accordingly.

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