Preparing Chart of Accounts & Creating Memorized Transaction for Payroll Journal Entry

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Preparing Chart of Accounts

Your Quickbooks® chart of accounts often will come with accounts that work well for payroll when using Quickbooks® payroll service, but don't always work very cleanly with outside payroll processing services like  ASAP's.  

Thus we suggest you look at setting up new account names to help cleanly post your payroll journal entries; for example, from Lists > Chart of Accounts

Select New under the "account" button: to add accounts & sub-accounts

For a small employer we would suggest setting up an account for Personnel Expense w/ sub-accounts for Salaries & Wages, Payroll Tax Expense & WC Expense. You may optionally break your wage types down further into sub-accounts by employee roles such as "officer wages, front of house wages, back of house wages, etc. assuming those roles are not profit centers such as multiple locations or business divisions.  If they are profit centers, you would want to look at possibly using classes.

While setting up sub accounts; name the account, but be sure to tie it to the proper sub-account:

Personnel Expense is the account and the sub-accounts are below set in when viewed...

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Creating Memorized Transactions

Next, you would create a memorized transaction using the first payroll entry as an example:

Name the memorized transaction you just created...

from now on; when you go to Lists >> Memorized Transaction List you should see this Payroll Journal Entry to work with...

Entering a Payroll Journal Entry from a standard GL Report: now referencing ASAP's payroll GL report you should be able to post any new payroll transactions as they are processed. If you run into a new items such as an advance, employee deductions; you could add the new item to the bottom portion of this single payroll entry or you could go back to edit the memorized transaction.

FYI: your entry's credits & debits must balance before posting: 

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