HUB HR - New Hire Document Maintenance

Pro Onboarding provides the ability for employers to add as many custom documents as they like for each new hire to review and optionally electronically sign. Any Word or PDF document can be added to a new hire process as a custom document. Admins can selectively choose which documents are needed for each new hire prior to sending out the notification to the new hire.

To maintain your company's custom new hire documents/policies; click the New Hire(s) tab, then "Maintain New Hire Documents":

Preview your existing documents or click "Add New Document":

Select a document to add from your computer:
Review the merge tags and other items that will display on the document; if formatting works click "add this document":

If you don't like the formatting; click the X in top right to cancel the document load, edit your document and start over.

Confused about how to use Merge Tags...see this  in-depth help article or ask ASAP to help you customize your forms with merge tags.