Converting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

Converting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online is a great step in unlocking features for your accounting activities. However, there are a number of areas you need to review and confirm before the conversion can take place. When you’re ready to begin the conversion process, review this ASAP’s Conversion Checklist and seek assistance from our Product Support Gurus – we’re here to help!

Conversion Checklist
Following are areas of QuickBooks that need to be review carefully PRIOR to beginning the conversion process. It is advisable to have a QuickBooks Pro Advisor such as our team at ASAP to perform analysis on your file prior to scheduling your conversion.

  • Sales Tax Payable
  • Jobs, Costing, Billable Time
  • Bank Reconciliation Reports
  • Active Payroll Data
  • Lists (including naming)
  • Report Reconciliation (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, A/P Aging, A/R Aging, Memorized Reports
  • Inventory
  • Users & Security Levels

Confirm You Are Converting to Appropriate/Equivalent Version
At ASAP, we recommend the QuickBooks Online Plus version as it’s most comparable to the desktop version as far as reporting and features, but more importantly because of the 1099 vendor management is worth every penny to help prep those 1099's at year end.

QuickBooks Plus Features

  • Download and organize bank transaction from live bank feed
  • Accounts Receivable; set up invoices to automatically bill on recurring schedule
  • Accounts Payable; enter bills and schedule payments
  • Create/Send Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • 1099 Vendor Management
  • Create Budgets
  • Categorize income and expenses using Class tracking
  • Track sales by locations
  • Access 65+ built-in business reports
  • Benchmarking; compare sales and profitability with industry trends
  • Customize User Access; up to 5 users included with Plus

Let us help!

Not only can you purchase your QuickBooks Online subscription through us, we can be your expert in the conversion process. ASAP can assess your current situation, talk through variables, provide some recommendations to confirm you’re ready to make the leap. For a nominal fee we can help prepare your file for conversion (including those areas listed above) as well as provide training on your new QuickBooks Online Plus account.