Requesting Extensions for 1099's

Requesting an Extension of time to File Forms 1099 with the IRS: if you feel you will not have sufficient time to file copies of the 1099 Forms with the IRS prior to the January 31, 2018 deadline; you can use IRS Form 8809 to request a one time 30 day extension. 

*Form 8809 does NOT postpone the requirement that you postmark the recipient's copy no later than January 31st, 2018.

Submit IRS Form 8809 by fax to 1-877-477-0572 or by mail to:  
Internal Revenue Service  
Attn: Extension of Time Coordinator  
240 Murall Drive, Mail Stop 4360  
Kearneysville, WV 25430

Requesting an Extension of time to allow for Delivery of a 1099 Form to a Recipient: If you cannot produce & postmark a 1099 Form for a recipient prior to the recipient delivery deadline on January 31, 2018; you may submit a written request for an extension to the IRS. While there is no official form for this type of extension, the IRS will review written requests which contain:

  • Payer's name, TIN, and address 
  • type of form for which you are requesting an extension - i.e. for delivery of a Form-1099-MISC to a recipient 
  • concise statement clearly stating the nature of the request as well as reason for the delay 
  • letters must be signed by an officer of the entity, the individual payer or an authorized agent
Please note: deadline extension requests for 1099 Form recipient delivery are NOT guaranteed and should be avoided.  

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