How to Request Deadline Extensions for Form 1099-MISC

The deadline to submit Form 1099-MISC to the IRS and deliver copies to recipients is January 31. If you do not have sufficient time to meet this deadline, you can submit requests to the IRS for an extension.

Requesting an IRS 1099 Filing Deadline Extension

Use IRS Form 8809 to request a one-time 30-day extension to file 1099 Forms after the January 31 deadline.

Please Note: Filing Form 8809  does NOT postpone the requirement that you postmark the recipient's copy no later than January 31.

IRS Form 8809 - Application for Extension of Time to File Information Returns

Requesting an Extension for Delivery of 1099 to Vendors

If you cannot produce and postmark a 1099 Form for a vendor prior to the recipient delivery deadline on January 31, you may submit a written request for an extension to the IRS. While there is no official form for this type of extension, the IRS will review written requests that contain:

  • Payer's name, TIN, and address 
  • Type of form for which you are requesting an extension; i.e. for delivery of a Form 1099-MISC to a recipient 
  • Concise statement clearly stating the nature of the request, as well as reason for the delay 
  • Letters must be signed by an officer of the entity, the individual payer, or an authorized agent
Please Note: Deadline extension requests for 1099 Form recipient delivery are NOT guaranteed and should be avoided.  

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