Rehiring an Employee

To notify ASAP of a rehire, you can use this  secure online form and select "Update an Employee".

When rehiring an employee within three years of his or her original hire date, you should consider these steps:

Review the employee's original I-9 Form:

  • If the  Form I-9 on file for the employee is still valid and it shows that they are still eligible to work, you can rely on the old form. However, you should update Section 3 with the date of rehire of the original Form I-9.
  • If the  Form I-9 on file is no longer valid to use or shows eligibility has expired, you must re-verify the employee's eligibility in Section 3 of the original Form I-9.  If Section 3 was already filled in b/c of a previous re-hire, then use a new Form I-9.

Provide rehired employees an opportunity to complete an updated Form W4 & Direct Deposit Authorization:

Verify employee's compensation & eligibility for benefits:

  • verify employee's pay rate(s) and/or salary
  • verify employee's time off accrual set up
  • verify employee's benefit elections for insurance premiums, retirement elections, etc.

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