HUB HR - Company Directory

HUB Company Directory is designed so employees must opt-in before sharing details to other co-workers.  The feature is most commonly used by service workers who frequently swap shifts or small teams that rely on cell phones for business purposes.

To Access the Company Directory look for the row of icon's on the right navigation bar and choose the address book icon, then click the blue hyperlink "company directory"

The directory will list data only for employee's who have adjusted their user settings to allow for sharing:

While navigating HUB, users will see these messages throughout the app until they have configured their company directory settings.

Company Directory Settings are turned off by default, but to adjust or acknowledge the selection; you would go to "Account & Settings", then click "Edit" next to Company Directory

Here are the default settings & user options:

If you do not plan to change your settings, still click "Update Company Directory Settings".  This way the alert messages will go away as your settings will no longer be set to the "default" settings.