Right Networks Migration

Migration Timeline

ASAP will be discontinuing offering our Virtual Server solution/service as a hosting-only service, effective April 31, 2020. However, great news is we have selected a partner to continue providing this valuable service to you directly. After much due diligence and research we have decided to select Right Networks - the market Leader in the application hosting space.  Right Networks has a great reputation and proven success in this space.

As indicated in our recent email correspondence, Virtual Server clients will need to complete our online >> ACCOUNT MIGRATION AUTHORIZATION FORM << a secure online form to authorize ASAP to work with RightNetworks on your file migration. If we do not receive the above details, your service with ASAP will be discontinued effective April 28, 2020. This will cause disruption in your accounting functions, so please contact us to retain your files to avoid any loss of data. If you’re converting to another system (internal, QuickBooks Online, etc.) please let us know and we can help you with the transition of your data.


Right Networks offers packages at different levels. Prices are PER USER. Users are based on EMAIL Address (not on login username like ASAP has provided)

Billing Changes

Your last invoice with ASAP will be initiated on April 28th for April services; RightNetworks will contact you to set up billing going forward.

Highlights about Right Networks        

  • Intuit’s exclusive provider - Intuit has extensively evaluated all hosting providers in the marketplace and have chosen Right Networks to exclusively power their own Intuit branded hosting program. The categories that they evaluated each company on were security, technology, support, reliability and scalability all of which Right Networks shined over all their competitors.
  • Scalability (strength in numbers)  - Right Networks now has over 170,000 QuickBooks hosting users accessing its environment monthly and stores over half a million company databases.  Supporting their offering on such a large scale has really allowed them to become experts at what they do. 
  • Technology – Right Networks has trademarked their virtualization software as it has been proven to always allow for a highly available infrastructure with absolutely no service interruptions. This setup provides the best uptime in the industry.
  • Security – Right Networks has a whole division of their company dedicated to security and proactively monitoring their environment at all times.  Their data centers are all the highest tier so you know your data is always safe.  Additionally with the Intuit agreement it keeps them honest as Intuit is required to have third parties run security scans and penetration tests on their environment regularly.

       More information about Right Networks online at:  https://www.rightnetworks.com

Is it time to consider QuickBooks Online?

We’ve assisted over 100 clients in converting to QuickBooks Online. We’d be happy to consult with you and provide our recommendation based on your unique accounting needs. As a starting point, you should review specifics comparing online versus desktop, please see our article online QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop.