Evo Classic: Creating Next Scheduled Payroll

From the Payroll >> Payroll Screen: hit the green plus sign at the top to create the next scheduled payroll 

you should see the next check date populate with a W staus payroll...hit the green checks as you proceed.

After you should be taken to a blank "batch screen".  AT this point you will hit the green plus again before pulling in the default batch settings for the next scheduled payroll run.  However, keep in mind you can have multiple batches within one payroll which we will discuss below as one might be used for manual checks between scheduled payroll runs.

If you are creating the full batch of checks you'll answer YES to auto-create checks. However if you are only preparing a manual check mid-period you would hit NO.

This auto-create checks action will pull in all active employee's with hire date before the pay period end date, it will also bring in any employee's default salary from their profile along with any scheduled earnings/deductions such as a reoccurring health benefit deduction or 401k/401k match.

Go to the Quick Entry Screen to proceed.  

The quick entry screen can be adjusted to include any earnings/deduction code as a column.  Right click to add and customize your quick entry screen to your preferred settings.  QE columns should stay as saved settings for next time.  Columns can also be dragged and dropped to put in order.  We would suggest this if you are saying using the quick entry screen to type in hours from an outside POS/clock system that isn't being imported.

After you have finished entering hours, deduction into the Quick Entry screen.  You have many options.  First save your work at the top using the green checks.  Next you can double click on any name to see the check lines and make check line adjustments if 

needed.  If none are required, we would suggest you preprocess the payroll to see how the checks calculate.  

At the bottom of screen you should see a preprocess button. After the preprocess is completed, we would suggest you review the checks once again by either double clicking and viewing the check from the check lines or preview tab of each check or by running a Check Register on the W status payroll from Reports-Run Reports.

Once your Finished tasks totals = your Total tasks your preprocess is completed. Probably one of the most confusing steps; after you preprocess you'll need to hit the refresh button at the top of the screen before going back into the open payroll to view the calculated checks.  Hit the Batch button at the bottom of your screen to go back into the W status payroll.  

The batch button should take you back into the Quick Entry screen. Next double click on the first name at the top of the list to see the employee's previewed check or check lines area.

On the check lines screen of the paycheck, you can add extra items such as Rate Nbr, Dept, Job, WC Code by hitting right click to bring in those items. This is only required if you wish to override a default home dept for an employee working a secondary position or secondary rate of pay.  

Make adjustments if needed via the checks lines. Use the CTRL-DELETE button if you wish to remove a check line completely. If you need to add another check line, use the down arrows on your keyboard and start with the E/D Code column to bring in the an earnings or deduction manually.

Check lines tab does not show you net pay or taxes calculated.To see the tax calculated and net pay, view the Preview tab.

Use the Arrows at the top to proceed to next employee in your list.  

You can run endless number of preprocesses if you wish to confirm before submitting. To submit; go back to Payroll>>Payroll on the left and hit submit payroll.

While you have submitted the payroll, it is not fully processed until someone at ASAP has processed it from the queue.  Please shoot us an email if you wish for us to double check or confirm any new or one time changes you made.