Evo Classic: Creating a Manual Check

Manual checks are checks that you wish to cut in between scheduled pay runs. Perhaps someone was left off the last payroll run or you need to issue a termination check mid-period and would prefer to cut now rather than running a full supplemental run. If you need help, we can start these steps for you and you can print when ready.  Before beginning, It's helpful to know the employee's EE Code, the next available check number from your Evo controlled check numbers or the check number you plan to use if you are going to print on your own check stock.

a. Create the next scheduled payroll by following the create new payroll steps with one exception. Please answer NO to the auto-create checks question when creating the batch.

b. Next, from the Quick Entry screen find the employee by entering their EE Code or scrolling through the employee list from the EE Code drop down column. Hit the enter button on your keyboard a few times to bring the check fully into the list of checks on the screen.

d. Next double click on the employee's name to dive down into the check details and go to the "General Tab". From this screen, Hit the Create Manual Check button from the list & enter the check number you plan to use.

e. Hit Yes normally to this question; this only applies if the employee has a scheduled earnings or deduction with a target and you wish the balance being tracked to be updated for this.  Example: employee repaying an advance and you plan to use an advance deduction on the manual check.

f. Go to the Check Lines Tab to enter in the earnings/deduction.  It should be noted that a manual check is pure manual. You'l need to enter in the amount even for Hrs x Rate check lines or normally scheduled 401k %'s. For this reason, you may wish to use the R type check as a double check to see that you entered the earnings appropriately.  You'll delete the R type check in a later step before finishing.

g. Add any additional items if needed, before calculating the check via the "re-calculated" check button at the bottom.

h. review the results and don't forget to hit green checks to save your work.

i. Please go back to the Quick Entry tab by hitting the batch button at the bottom.  On this screen it is important to Delete the regular check you are forced to add from the quick entry screen by clicking ctrl-delete next to R type check.

j. preprocess the payroll if you wish and print from the reports-reprint checks tab following these steps.