Evo Classic: Printing a Manual Check

A manual Check is an off-cycle check that needs to be issued for say an employee who was accidentally left off a payroll run, for an extra amount that needs to be paid prior to the next scheduled payroll or for a termination that needs to be processed to comply with state laws.

Printing them from payroll is essentially the same as printing or reprinting checks except for a few variables.  Mainly that you are printing from an open payroll or a payroll in W-Waiting status that has yet to be processed.

1) Go To Reports > Reprint Checks/Reports
bbafe28e6716d5a89068d651e39fef03.png  2) in this case look for the open or W status payroll dated 12/26, then select the "Payroll Checks" tab:
7654c04dd5bb40ea4d9b65aff64062c6.png  3) On the Payroll Checks tab, highlight the check, then hit the green+ button at the top of the screen to activate a workflow:

  4) Next a pop up will ask if you wish to print with today's date which normally is YES. If you select, NO it will print with the payroll check date for the entire batch of checks.
2df89b5e29371fd985da887915311500.png 5) next, you'll be asked to confirm you wish to reprint the selected checks:
5b88443c1d87d337577f3bd7ea107c8f.png 6) Next, enter a note or reason for tracking in case there are multiple printings:
93f45f663755d26f114ef76c701482bc.png  7) If you haven't already loaded the printer with paper, hurry!