HUB HR - Workflows (Revised Handbook Signature)

In this example, we are creating a workflow to send an employee handbook out to employees for them to review, acknowledge receipt and sign.

Go to HR >> Workflows/Tasks, Add New

Name the workflow, give it a tag, craft a message to send out to the staff and upload or select a document from the library. You can optionally add questions to the workflow in addition to the document if required.

upload the document from your PC and name it:

Upon scanning, HUB will show you if a signature is required and which merge tags have been applied to the document, please click add to continue or cancel to start over:

You can add other documents to the workflow or questions; if no other items are necessary click next:

Determine if you would allow employees to upload their own documents in response to the workflow, set a due date and which employees should receive the task:

Should a 2nd person need to review/verify the task, you would then indicate who is the reviewer, if there is any additional documents to complete or questions to answer.  In our handbook example, this step is not necessary.

Final step is to review the workflow and what was selected/set up prior to hitting complete:

Employees will receive an email alerting them of their new task: