HUB HR - Custom Onboarding (step 2)

Your new employer is requesting you complete certain new hire paperwork digitally and securely via the  HUB Employee Portal.  

Below is a sample email & steps to take:

Enter your email address and hit submit to get started:

Set up a password and/or cell phone:

Next you'll be stepped through 4 Sections:

Enter your personal information; hit save & continue:

Draw or Type your signature using your mouse or touch screen:

Review & Accept the Digital Signature And Electronic Notice:

Complete your I-9 section 1, e-sign and continue:

complete your W-4 elections online, e-sign and continue:

review your ACA healthcare notice and e-sign:

review any custom employer forms, e-sign and continue (open in new browser to see larger):

complete your direct deposit information or elect paper check:

complete your emergency contact reference:

complete any custom questions posed to you:

review items one last time and complete:

You may download all documents now or review online in HUB at any time moving forward.  Note: your access to HUB will be limited until your onboarding has been approved by HR.