HUB HR - Custom Onboarding (step 1)

Administrators can initiate a new hire quickly by going through these steps in HUB...

Input the employee information for the new hire as known & type up a quick welcome message for the email that goes out to them.

Confirm the Fed & State documents for them to complete:

Each company can set their "default" custom documents to be completed during onboarding under "maintain new hire documents".  In addition, if you have a custom document to add in addition from the library or from your PC, you can load them here.

Review which standard questions to ask employees during onboarding:

Determine any custom questions you wish to ask during onboarding:

Select any pre-built HR Acknowledgements you may wish to use; these were developed by HR pro's and could be helpful.

Review what you selected before confirming; once confirmed an email will be sent to the new hire asking them to complete the next step of onboarding.