HUB HR - Custom Fields

Custom Fields and Categories can be created for each company based on whatever unique attributes may be valuable to track.

Custom fields can be set up as Text Entry, multi-line Text Entry, Yes/No, Single Select, Acknowledgement, or Dates. 

Fields can be set as required, but also you can control access to the information so as to allow employees full access, read only or none at all.  Full Access is nice if you would like to push employees to help you gather the data; for instance asking them to complete a form to update your property tracking or other records.

You can view or edit data on an employee by employee basis or use the HR Workflows to request data from employees for gathering.

You can extract data by creating custom reporting under HUB HR Reporting:

Reports can be viewed on screen or extracted to csv:

Plus you can set up alerts based on any custom field that is set up as a "date" type field: