Evo Reports: Check Register - Export Excel

The  Check Register report is a our most commonly referenced report as it details all earnings, deductions and taxes for each employee's pay checks.

Exporting to Excel: It is a very handy report, but occasionally someone would like the data exported to Excel.  There are two options for this:

1.) if you have a sufficient enough PDF program, you could open this report as a PDF and use the export to Excel tool to convert the report.

2.) If this isn't ideal, you may also use our  Check Register - Export Excel (S1108) or the Labor Distribution Export (S853) reports which can extract up to 12 columns of data into an excel format.  The Check Register will show the details based on each employee's home department whereas the Labor Distribution report will list employees multiple times if they had earnings allocated to multiple departments.

Each of these reports requires a custom set up which is similar to that of the  Ad-Hoc Reports tool. If you aren't comfortable to explore these reports on your own, please reach out to your account manager and they can help get this set up for you.  There are limitations for these reports; for instance, we are limited to 10-12 columns of information. Generally we suggest starting with employee data in totals for Earnings, Deductions and Taxes vs. itemizing each earnings, deduction or tax type into separate columns.

Here are sample results for the Check Register - Export Excel (S1108) report after running and opening via the Evo Classic desktop application.