UI Job Separation Notices

If an employee files a claim to collect unemployment benefits, you should receive a Form UIB-290 titled "Request for Facts About a Former Employee's Employment".  

It is important to respond accurately and quickly to these notices. You can sign up to receive these by email via  Colorado Dept. of Labor's SIDES e-response system.  Your response allows the state to make an initial determination to allow or deny the unemployment benefits to be paid to the employee.

To assist, ASAP has created a  UI Job Separation Report (B559) that can be run to extract the data typically required from payroll during the UI claim review. If you do not have this in your reports list, please let us know and we can add it.  This report is date driven showing the UI wages for the prior 6 quarters from the date selected.  Along with the wage numbers, it will also extract the employee's listed hire date, termination date, last check date paid, position/dept, primary rate of pay/salary amount per pay period and the average weekly hours worked for hourly employees. 
Note 1: The average weekly hours were calculated by taking the hours from the employee's last 3 paychecks, multiplying the hours by the pay frequency (12,24,26,52), and then dividing by 52 weeks.
Note 2: the file results display as comma-delimited csv format.

However, many of the questions on the Form UIB-290 can only be answered by you the employer who has the most accurate knowledge of the reasons for termination.