Setup Security Questions - Virtual Server

If you know your current password, great! Use it to setup security questions and enhance the security of your account. Once you setup security questions, you will be able to reset your password or unlock your account on your own next time!

(Don't know your current password? That's OK, contact ASAP's support team to have it reset. Then, come back here to setup security questions so you can reset your password or unlock your account on your own next time!)

1) Sign in here with your current password to setup your security questions

2) Click the "Click Here" button to setup security questions

3) Choose two of the pre-defined security questions from the drop down list and provide your answers.

Note: The minimum length of the answers should be at least 3 characters. You can not use the same answer twice. Security Question answers are NOT case sensitive.

Once setup you will see this confirmation message:

4) Click Sign Out in the top left corner of the page

That's it, you have now successfully setup security questions for your account.

In the future, if you forget your password or have locked yourself out due to too many login attempts, return  here and click on the link for what you are trying to do:

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