Benefits of QuickBooks Online - Detailed

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Organizational Benefits

  • Financial Benefits
    • More users, less cost
      • QuickBooks Online lets users sign up as many as five users as opposed to only one user on QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Free additional applications
      • Wanting to utilize other applications that support your QuickBooks?  QuickBooks Online gives users free access to a wide selection of apps, allowing you to develop the application mix that is unique to your business needs.
    • Free and automatic upgrades
      • Always have the newest QuickBooks upgrade and features at the ready.  Never wait for or pay for another cumbersome upgrade again.
    • Free data storage
      • Your data is securely stored on Intuit's cloud-based server.
  • Operational Benefits
    • Automated data entry
      • Connect your bank accounts with QuickBooks Online and your transactions will be automatically downloaded.
    • Streamline transaction processing
      • The QuickBooks mobile app lets you attach photos of receipts to transactions so those stacks of receipts no longer clutter your desk.
    • Expanded synchronization
      • Sync QuickBooks Online with your PayPal transactions, your business cards with American Express, your sales data with Square, and much more.
  • Agile Business Benefits
    • Anytime, anywhere access
      • Access your QuickBooks files on-demand with only an internet connection and a web browser; that's it.
    • Cross-device mobility
      • Use any device - laptop, iPhone, iPad, Andriod - to access your QuickBooks files and get your work done.
    • Real time data
      • Only worry about managing one set of books, as each user has simultaneous access to the same up-to-date data.
    • Flex-fit
      • Intuit's cloud-based servers support your needs, no matter how rapidly your business environment changes.  Scale your QuickBooks Online requirements up or down without unnecessary investments.
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Is QuickBooks Online the Right Choice for Me?

  • It is if you want:
    • Simultaneous, anytime, anywhere access for your people and your organization
    • Automatic updates and upgrades
    • Free Intuit support to help answer "how-to" questions
    • Light inventory capabilities and expenses tracked by job
    • Mobile-based and tablet-based apps that sync across all devices
    • Automatic bank transaction downloads
    • Automatic emailing of recurring invoices, receipts, and reports
    • Free access for your accountant or bookkeeper
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Is QuickBooks Online the Right Choice for My Industry?

  • QuickBooks Online has been found to be very beneficial for these industries:
    • Professional services
    • Administrative services
    • Health care
    • Construction
    • Retail
    • Non-profit
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