HUB Employee Engagement Module

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The HUB Employee Engagement Module can help you promote employee engagement through proactive, safe and secure methods including, scheduled check-in’s, a recognition wall and a anonymous suggestion box.


Check-Ins  are simple one question surveys used to solicit feedback and opinions from staff. It can be a simple weekly recurring check-in asking employees how they feel. It can be an “on-demand” check-in with employee of the month selections.

  1. They can be scheduled to be recurring or just sent one time.
  2. Check-ins include just a single question requiring very little effort for employees to answer. HUB has eleven out of the box questions available but custom questions can be created as well.
  3. Historical reporting provides business owners a view of employee responses over time.
  4. Check-In summary reporting can be shared with employees if desired.

Check-Ins provide a great way for business owners to get their finger on the pulse of their organization and see trends over time.

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Employee recognition wall

Employees recognize colleague’s on daily wins and important accomplishments, specifically those which have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

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Suggestion Box

Safe and secure anonymous method for employees to share suggestions or internal team issues to managers/business owners.

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