Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

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What is Duo?

Duo is a third-party provider that ASAP has partnered with to help keep your data safe and secure.  Please refer to Duo's homepage to learn more about them:  https://duo.com/.

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), or two-factor authentication, incorporates an additional verification step into the log in process. Traditional logins require that you have certain knowledge (e.g., knowledge of a password).  The problem is that sometimes passwords get stolen.  Two-factor authentication requires that users have a password and access to a physical device, such as a phone.  If your password is compromised, your data is still secure because of this second layer of verification.  You can read a detailed description about MFA here:   https://guide.duo.com/.

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How will Duo work with my specific device?

Please find the link for your specific device from the selections below.

Duo for iPhone:  https://guide.duo.com/iphone

Duo for Android:  https://guide.duo.com/android

Duo for Windows Phone:  https://guide.duo.com/windows-phone

Duo for BlackBerry:  https://guide.duo.com/blackberry

Duo for any cell phone or landline:  https://guide.duo.com/other-phones

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How do I install the Duo app and activate my ASAP Duo account?

Upon activation of your Virtual Server account, if you opt into using Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA), ASAP will activate your Duo account.  Please complete the following steps (Note: screenshots are provided from an iPhone, but Duo integrates with numerous types of smartphone devices and the installation process is very similar across all devices):

  1. ASAP will send you two text messages from Duo.  The text messages serve different purposes and you must complete them in the correct order.  The first text will be an invitation to download the Duo app to your mobile device.  Click the link in the text message to be directed to the app store to download the app.
  2. The link will redirect you to a webpage and ask whether or not you want to "Open in 'App Store'?"  Select Open.
  3. Select the cloud icon to download the application.
  4. Once the download is complete, the cloud icon will change to an Open icon.  Select the icon to open the application.
  5. The Duo app will open and you will receive a message that reads: "'Duo Mobile' Would Like to Send You Notifications".  This step is critical, as you must allow notifications for the Duo MFA to work.  Select Allow.  (Note: The only time Duo will send you notifications is when someone is trying to log into ASAP's Virtual Server using your login credentials.  It is not a sales or advertising device.)
  6. Once you select allow, you do not need to remain in the Duo app.  It may prompt you to enter a code or take a photo of a barcode.  You do not need to allow Duo to access your camera.
  7. Return to the second text message from ASAP.  The second text message will activate your ASAP profile within the Duo app.  Select the link at the bottom of the text message:
  8. The link will redirect you to a webpage and ask whether or not you want to "Open this page in 'Duo Mobile'?"  Select Open.
  9. The Duo app will open and your home screen will show an ASAP logo, ASAP text, and a key icon.  You successfully installed the Duo app and activated your ASAP Duo account.  (Note: You may exit and close the Duo app.  You do not need the Duo app open at all times.  Because you allowed push notifications, even if the app is closed, it will notify you when someone is logging into ASAP's Virtual Server using your login credentials.)
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