Virtual Server Security & Data Recovery

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Is my data secure while using ASAP's hosting services?

Absolutely.  ASAP utilizes hosting services that are SSAE 16 Certified, meaning they meet authorized and strict industry standards for safety, security, and reliability.  ASAP also recommends that each user in our hosted environment utilize Duo Multi-Factor Authentication, which is a simple, convenient, yet effective way to ensures that those logging into the server are approved ASAP users.

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Who initially transfers my data to and from ASAP's Virtual Server?

ASAP’s support staff will ensure that your data is obtained securely and uploaded to our hosting environment in the same condition in which it was obtained.

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How often will you back up my data?

ASAP utilizes servers that backup data locally and offsite, ensuring a redundant and reliable back up process.  Data on the servers is backed up nightly and weekly, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your data will always be there for you when you need it.

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How can I recover data that I accidentally deleted or that was corrupted?

ASAP’s nightly data backups are retained for seven days, while the weekly data backups are retained for four weeks.  ASAP utilizes unique servers that allow us to restore files in minutes, compared to most other servers that require hours and sometimes days to restore files. Should you find yourself needing a copy of data previously backed up by ASAP, please contact

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What if your servers go down, either due to outages or scheduled maintenance?  Will I still have access to my data?

ASAP utilizes servers that are backed by a groundbreaking 100% Uptime Guarantee thanks to a server configuration that eliminates any single point of failure; therefore, the data centers that house the servers will not go out of service.  If ASAP needs to perform scheduled maintenance on the server, we will make every effort to notify you well in advance so that you have time to plan your organization’s needs accordingly.  We will notify you of the dates and times of the expected down time as well as the date and time that the server is projected to be back in service.

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