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Am I required to have a QuickBooks license before utilizing ASAP's hosting services?

Yes.  Intuit requires that all users own or lease a QuickBooks license before using hosting services.  Depending on the version used, QuickBooks allows “multi-user mode”, meaning that multiple users can collaborate on the same company file at the same time.  Even in multi-user mode, Intuit requires that each user has his own license “seat”.  Multiple user seats can be purchased under the same license, though the overall cost of the license will vary as seats are added.  Users can purchase a license directly or can lease a license through ASAP at a significantly discounted rate.   ASAP leases licenses for the various editions, including QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise.

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What kind of internet connection do you recommend for a hosted environment?

We recommend our clients have a reliable internet connection with relatively good speed to utilize hosted QuickBooks.  A connection of at least 3-5 megabytes upload and download speed is recommended for connecting to ASAP’s Virtual Server.  Click HERE to test your upload and download speed.  If you're using the QuickBooks Desktop application, it is not reliant upon internet connectivity, as the software is installed directly onto a single device.  Although QuickBooks Desktop can be more reliable without internet, users lose the convenience and mobility benefits of a hosted service and are limited to using the software on a single device.  ASAP utilizes servers that are SSAE 16 Certified, meaning they meet authorized and strict industry standards for safety, security, and reliability.

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Can I access my hosted QuickBooks from my tablet or smartphone?

Yes.  While many other hosting services require that you take the time to install a remote login application, we believe in keeping things As Simple As Possible.  ASAP utilizes a unique HTML5 user-interface that allows you to access your hosted files by simply opening a web browser and accessing ASAP's Virtual Server login page.  You can work from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone (mobile app required) anytime, anywhere.

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