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What do you mean by "hosting" QuickBooks?

Hosting refers to making your QuickBooks available through the internet. Hosting QuickBooks means that the QuickBooks software and data files are installed, stored, accessed and run on the hosting provider’s servers, rather than on one’s own device. To access the hosted QuickBooks, users simply need a web browser and an internet connection from any device.  ASAP utilizes servers that are certified by Intuit’s (the developer of QuickBooks) Commercial Hosting Program, which is the highest industry standard for QuickBooks hosting.

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Which versions of QuickBooks can be hosted?

ASAP can host all QuickBooks versions that are supported by Intuit and that do not fall under Intuit’s Desktop Service Discontinuation (Disco) Policy.

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Will I lose the full functionality of QuickBooks Desktop if I switch to hosted QuickBooks Desktop with ASAP?

No.  ASAP’s hosted QuickBooks services provide users the same functionality they would have with QuickBooks Desktop, with the added convenience of anytime, anywhere access for single or multiple users.

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Can I access my hosted QuickBooks from my tablet or smartphone?

Yes.  While many other hosting services require that you take the time to install a remote login application, we believe in keeping things  As Simple As Possible.  ASAP utilizes a unique HTML5 user-interface that allows you to access your hosted files by simply opening a web browser and accessing ASAP's Virtual Server login page.  You can work from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

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What if I have more than one QuickBooks file?

ASAP charges based on users’ storage space used on the servers.  ASAP’s standard user set-up includes two gigabytes of storage space, which in most cases is more than enough space for our users.  If you need more storage than our standard user set-up, we will work with you to develop the perfect customized user set-up at an affordable rate. Please contact  support@businessasap.com for further details.

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Can I use other applications with my hosted QuickBooks?

Yes, ASAP’s hosting services support various other applications, including:  Bill.comReceipt BankShareFileKeeperDOMOOffice 365, and more.  If you do not see an application listed that your organization currently utilizes or that you would like to utilize, you can always speak with our Support Team to see if we can meet your needs.  (Unless a subscription is purchased or provided through ASAP, each user is responsible for procuring the application and demonstrating proof of a current account; additional service fees may apply in researching, implementing, installing, and supporting applications that are not currently provided as part of ASAP's produce suite.)

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Do I need to sign any contracts with ASAP to receive hosting services?

You are not required to sign a contract, however you will be required to acknowledge pricing/terms and conditions by accepting ASAP's Server Subscription Agreement during the onboarding process.  This agreement does not bind the user to any specific terms or obligations for subscribed services, rather it provides an overview of the subscription and services ASAP will provide.

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If I choose to discontinue/cancel my hosting subscription, what happens to my data?

You would retain your files; the data is yours.  Although we would be sad to see you leave, we will support you with the transition process of moving data to your local device.  We will help you with backing-up your data and unique saved files from the servers to your device.  If you leased a license through ASAP, you will need to purchase your own license to continue using QuickBooks.

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