Evo Web: HUB Import to Evolution Payroll

  1. Create the payroll:  Log into Evolution Payroll and create the payroll as you normally would.
  2. Create the import file:  Log into HUB.  Review and approve all timesheets.  Once the timesheets have all been approved, the payroll file will be queued for generation.  Once it’s ready, click view to download the import file to your computer.
  3. Save the file:  Save the file to your downloads folder or another easily accessible spot.
  4. Import to payroll:  Go back to Evolution payroll.  On the right-hand side, there is a tab for Time Clock Import.  Click on the arrow to expand this tab. 
    1. Click on the Time Clock Source File field and browse for the import file that you downloaded. 
    2. Under Organizational Synchronization, change the selection to Partial DBDT. 
    3. Click Import.
  5. Review the Error Log:  A dialogue will appear to let you know of any import errors.  If no errors are listed, click continue.  If errors are listed, further action may be needed.  Under Line Status on the report, it will say either Imported or Rejected.  If it says rejected, the hours for that employee did not import and you’ll need to investigate. 

Common errors include:

  1. EE has no checks, one has been created:  This means a non-active employee has hours that are importing over.  If this is correct, continue.  If not, you may need to cancel and investigate.
  2. Hours/Amounts exceed maximums:  Evolution uses these warnings to help prevent overpayments.  If the hours or amounts are correct as imported, click continue.  If not, cancel and correct before re-importing.

Please email (payroll@businessasap.com) or call us (970-728-6777) if you need help deciphering or investigating an error code.