HUB HR - Approving New Hire Paperwork

Upon the employee's completion of their New Hire Paperwork; ADMIN users will receive an email alerting them to log in & approve the new hire.

From the New Hire Dashboard: you can see which new hires are ready for you to review; click the new hire which is ready to review:

Complete the new hire process; by inputting a few final items for this new hire (hire date, dept, rate, State)
*POS data sync clients; please input the Employee Number you have used in your POS system to aid in the payroll data sync

That's it.  Meanwhile; your account manager at ASAP will be notified to help insure the data was received timely in case you have an active payroll pending.

Note: Employees using the HUB Clock will not be able to clock in/out until the Admin has approved them for payroll.

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