How do you keep QuickBooks defaulted to multi-user mode?

Need to keep your QuickBooks file in multi-user mode after exiting?

Unless specified, QuickBooks will open a data file in single-user mode. You must configure QuickBooks so the company file opens in multi-user mode each time.

1) Open your  QuickBooks version from your remote server desktop

2) From the No Company Open box, select Open or restore an existing company.

3) Select Open a company file and click Next

4) Locate your QuickBooks file in your company directory and highlight the file (single click).

5) At the bottom of this window, put a check mark in the box Open in Multi-User Mode.

*** If you don't see your company directory click on the Computer tile and then double click on your company drive (Z:). ***

Now each time you open this Company File from this computer, it will be in Multi-User Mode.