Evo Reports: Salary Rate History Report

This handy report can help your management team review current and prior rates simultaneously across all or filtered lists of employees.  

Default settings for this report should be:

results appears similar to this; showing up to the last 3 rate changes:

If you wish to exclude salaries; un-check include Salary Amounts. If your employees have multiple rates active for pay they receive at different positions, you may wish to filter by rate number:

the report can be grouped and/or filtered by cost center/Department. Which is handy if you wish to share employee rates filtered for the dept heads:

if needed, the report can be filtered for one or multiple employees:

The results can be saved as a PDF, but with certain PDF programs you can convert the data into an excel format. If you do not have that level of software, let us know as we would be happy to run that for you once a year if you wish to have in excel for budget prep or an annual personnel cost review.