Evo Classic: Audit Trail

The audit trail in Evolution tracks every change; when it was made, who made the change, and prior setting. Beyond added assurances; it also can come in handy when trying to look back in time. For instance; you can do a quick look up of a prior W4 setting, prior address, prior bank account #, or prior rate history.

Click on any field: here are two examples

Next click the magnifying glass at top:

a pop up will appear; by default it will show prior 12 month history, If you need to look back further; adjust the "as of date" and apply:

review your results:

example of a W4 dependent change:

example of a rate change:

If you have questions about the results, let us know. We use this feature constantly and are accustomed to how to interpret. 

If you are wishing to see the history for multiple employees, we likely have a report that could assist. Try the  Salary Rate History Report for example.