Aloha POS Export Settings

To Configure your Aloha POS Electronic Payroll Settings for export...

Step 1: Log on to the Aloha

Aloha versions 4.4x or lower, open "Maintenance", select "Labor/Electronic Payroll Processing"

Aloha versions 5.0x or higher, open "Aloha Manager", select "Maintenance/Store Settings/Labor/Electronic Payroll Settings"

Step 2: Configure the following information:

Export Type: use ADP; select this to enable ADP export file format.

Company Number: enter your 4 or 5 digit company code supplied by ASAP into this field. If you do not know your company code, you may reference any set of payroll reports.

Version Number: not required you may leave blank

Credit Card Tips: omit or include depending on how your restaurant manages the tip reporting and pay out of tips.

Control Totals: omit or include

Primary Rate or Job Code: omit or Include depending on how you need to manage the employee's primary pay rate or Job Code.

Output sales as whole dollars: select this to export gross sales for employees as whole dollars (only applies for those requesting tracking for  Form 8027).

Step 3: add the payroll export codes to each Job Code and Employee in the Aloha application software.

To Creating the Export File...

a. Aloha versions 4.4x or lower, open "Control", select "Functions/Create ADP Pay File" or Aloha versions 5.0x or higher, open "Aloha Manager", select "Functions/Export/Create ADP Pay File"

b. Highlight the Date Range to export which matches your pay period and click OK.

c. The file created should be named EXTPAY xx.yyy where is the Store ID and is the company ID. 

d. Upload the file to ASAP securely here.